Welcome to Port of Hundested

Idyllic town with a lively harbour

Once a small fishing harbour, today an idyllic town with a cosy and lively harbour with a variety of colourful ships.

Port of Hundested is situated at the entrance to Isefjorden in the northern part of Zealand. The location of Hundested grant you easy access to the Sound and the Baltic Region.

Hundested is a relative new player in the cruise industry but we have already made our mark by providing the cruise passengers with an authentic experience of Danish local life in an idyllic harbour village.

Hundested was rated as the best cruise destination on the Maiden Mystery Cruise in 2016 and furthermore, the guests’ 15th most enjoyed destination (from 355 destinations).

Hundested offers easy access to North Zealand (and Copenhagen) with more than 30 castles, museums and attractions within a maximum 60 minutes of transportation.

Scroll down the page and see some of the main attractions you can explore when visiting Port of Hundested.

Desired destination based on:

  • Fascinating attractions and sights
  • Warm welcome from the locals, who also are the passengers’ local guides.
  • Easy access to North Zealand with more than 30 castles, museums and attractions within 60 minutes of transportation.
  • Walking distance to city center and local sights
  • Hundested is well-organized and a safe town
  • Attractive harbour tariffs
  • Fast and efficient clearance
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We are always welcomed by everyone when visiting Port of Hundested - including the vikings. We go here to explore and relax every year - and even the kids love it.

Mick Jensen

Main attractions when visiting

Meet the Vikings, if you dare!

Watch the Vikings re-emerge from the ashes of their home ground in Port of Hundested. Once you trespass the imposing Viking ships in the fjord, fearless fighters will welcome you at the pier. Cheer for your favourite Viking in his life-and-death sword fight, cast a glance at the ornamented jewellry and handcrafts at the marketplace – and enjoy a cold glass of mead at the local brewery. Port of Hundested offers 350 metres of quay and is the sole location where you will experience the true spirit of the world famous and dreaded Vikings – with great historical sights close by. One thing is for sure, the Danish Vikings will capture your heart and bring you on a raid of unforgettable experiences. Look for the Vikings in the horizon and feel the atmosphere of ancient power.

Hundested Harbour

Hundested Harbour has long traditions of transcendent crafts. Every year, more than 200.000 tourists visits the harbour to look at the one-of-a-kind crafts created in open workshops. The maritime history and the imagery of Viking ships sailing on the fjord has inspired cabinetmakers Egeværk and glass artists Backhaus-Brown to collaborate on making the stunning Glasskibe - Viking Ships of Glass and Wood. The Viking ships have been exhibited at some of the world’s finest art exhibitions and each ship is a unique specimen.

The House of Knud Rasmussen

Exploring Greenland and researching the lives and customs of the Polar Eskimos. Knud Rasmussen’s contribution to the exploration of Greenland is significant. He initiated seven expeditions that each yielded groundbreaking scientific results. The expedition teams included experts on a number of fields, i.e. botany, geology, meteorology, cartography, ethnography, and archaeology. In between expeditions, Knud Rasmussen was an industrious writer. His works include scientific writings, travelogues, and translations of Inuit folklore and songs. The house in the hilly terrain downhill from the Spodsbjerg Lighthouse was built in 1917 on his own initiative. It was to be primarily a place for Knud to plan his expeditions and work on his manuscripts, but he also frequently entertained friends, colleagues, and authors here.

The eco-village Dyssekilde

In 1990, it was a potato field today it is a vibrant community with 200 people in the age range 0-100. The residents of eco-village tries to live their lives based on respect, tolerance, sustainability and ecology. Their way of life is applied to almost every solution made, from waste sorting, vegetable gardening, to sewage treatment. The village is divided into 6 residential groups, each group are organized with practical tasks and social activities. In the eco-village, you can experience many exciting solutions to housing, energy, ecology, architecture, sustainability and much more. The village’s residents proudly invites tourists in to a chat about their unique way of life. The eco-village is located only a short 10 minute drive from the cruise pier.

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde

The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde is the Danish museum for ships, seafaring and boatbuilding culture in ancient and medieval times. The Viking Ship Hall, the oldest part of the museum, was opened in 1969. It was designed as a large showcase to display the five Viking ships found at Skuldelev. The hall also houses special temporary exhibitions and a cinema, where a film about the excavation of the ships is shown. An extension to the museum, Museum Island, was opened in 1997. The museum boatyard, where visitors can watch shipwrights at work, is located on the island. The Activity Centre, where the School Service is housed, is also found here. The large collection of traditional Nordic wooden boats is berthed at the harbour on Museum Island. Here you will also find the five reconstructions of the Skuldelev ships. Many of the vessels were built at the museum boatyard, which also maintains them.

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Frederiksborg Castle

Frederiksborg Castle is situated in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. This impressive and unrivalled Renaissance castle was built in the first decades of the 17th century by the legendary Danish King Christian IV and incorporates the best of Renaissance architecture and craftmanship. Frederiksborg Castle is a unique place for superb cultural experiences, scenic walks and boat tours. Frederiksborg Castle has housed The Museum of National History since 1878. A tour through the museum’s many beautiful rooms is an encounter with kings, queens, nobles, the bourgeois, events, and epochs, which have all shaped the country’s history and development from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.

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Explore photos from Port of Hundested

We love to explore and for us Hundested was an amazing experience. We are looking forward to another future visit. Best recommendations from us.

Charles Hendrickson

Visit Port of Hundested

You are always very welcome to visit Port of Hundested at Nordre Beddingsvej 24, 3390 Hundested, Denmark

Port of Hundested Facts

General information

Geographical Position
55’57.9 N 11’50.8 E Isefjord south Kattegat Int. 1377 / Da no. 116
Danish Kroners (DKK)
Cruise season
All year round.
Recommended days
Local Time
Emergency phone
Nearest airport
Copenhagen Airport (CPH) (75 km / 1 hour and 15 min.)
Nearest hospital
Nordsjællands Hospital (40 km / 45 min.)
Average temperature
Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C -1 -1 2 6 11 15 17 17 14 10 5 3
°F 30 30 35.6 42.8 51.8 59 63 63 57.20 50 41 37


Approach Port of Hundested
From the fairway buoy, follow the marked fairway to the cruise pier. The port is navigable day and night.
Pilot is not compulsory, but recommended.
Pilot boarding position
Isefjord NE, 56°11’N - 12° 03’E
Distance to pilot station
18 NM
24 hours prior to arrival.
VHF Channel
Pilot Station
(+45) 6325 6666
Pilot Hours
24 hours a day. Rates based on LxWxD
N and S - going
Usually western
ETA to
Ship agent or to the port authorities.
ETA needed
24 hours

Berthing information

Cruise quays No. 1 No.2
Length of Quay 260 m 350 m
Type of Quays Mixed use facility
Max length of ship 230 m 230 m
Min. depth alongside at MWL 8.2 m 8.2 m
Max draft 7.9 m 7.9 m
Max Air draft No limit No limit
Height at quays at MWL 2.6 m 2.6 m
Width of Quay 25 m 25 m
Tidal movement / range 0.3 m
Spacing between bollards 25 m 25 m
SWL Bollards 30 tonnes 30 tonnes
Type of fenders Rubber Rubber
Local gangways available No No
Ship’s gangway YES YES
Clean quay before arrival YES YES
ISPS certified YES YES
Distance to town centre 300 m 300 m
Time on foot 10 min. 10 min.
Tourist information at the quay YES
City maps available on quay YES
Free WI-FI at quay YES YES
Taxi stand and general price guidance YES upon request
Free shuttle bus YES
Restrooms at quay also for handicapped YES
Space for tour buses at quay YES
Nearest ATM 300 m
Nearest bank 300 m
Nearest post office 300 m
Public transportation - train 300 m
Type of bottom Sand
Max depth 9.0 m
Distance from anchor to breakwater 2 nm
Tender pontoon YES

Cruise Ship Berthing Policy and Procedure

Berth booking

Port of Hundested has no restriction on how far in advance you have to book your port call. Requests for reservation of berths are sent by email to sba@hundestedhavn.dk or to the ship’s agent.


Garbage information

Dry Garbage facility
Wet garbage
Barge service
Discharge of general waste
Notice 24 hours
Sludge disposal
Garbage disposal
DKK 1250 EURO 167.85 USD 207
Engine slop per cubic meter
DKK 950 EURO 127.7 USD 156.7

Notice about discharge of garbage, waste oil, sewage and scupper water must be given minimum 24 hours prior to arrival.

Special waste discharge
Available for medical and hazardous waste
Recycling service
Available for the following materials: aluminum, metal, glass paper.

Fresh Water

Fresh water
Portable water available 24 hours a day

Hoses at each pier

Fitting types
2” storz
Price per cubic meter FW: DKK 50 EURO 6.71 USD 8.28
Connection fee: DKK 350 EURO 46.97 USD 58
  • Portable water is not available from barge.
  • Possible to get a quality certificate of fresh water: YES

Black and grey water

Discharge of black and grey water
YES, by truck
Black water fee per m3 DKK 83 EURO 11.14 USD 13.75
Grey water fee per m3 DKK 830 EURO 111 USD 137.53

Bunkering options in Hundested

Hundested is ready to service your cruise ship non-stop with HFO, Gas Oil, Diesel Oil, etc. Bunker service is available by truck, and bunker service by ship is available from example Copenhagen.

Harbour Dues - Port of Hundested

Rates for Port of Hundested:
2018 - Berthing: DKK 3.75 EURO 0.50 USD 0.62
2019 - Berthing: DKK 3.75 EURO 0.50 USD 0.62
Passenger fee / passenger per call DKK 8 EURO 1.07 USD 1.33
Security and ISPS fee per pax DKK 6 EURO 0.80 USD 0.99

2018/2019 prices and terms for calling Port of Hundested.

All prices are in Danish kroners excl. V.A.T and are subject to alternations without notice. All other conditions are according to the regulations of Port of Hundested.

Further information can be obtained by contacting Port of Hundested via telephone: +45 4793 7234, mail: mail@hundestedhavn.dk, or by visiting our website www.portofhundested.com


Port facility Security Officer
Søren Brink
Port of Hundested ID no
UN Location
Assigned port facility no.

Distance from Port of Hundested

Copenhagen 54 NM
Göteborg 110 NM
Oslo 284 NM
Skagen 114 NM
Elsinore 32 NM
Southampton Approx. 796 NM
Dover Approx. 676 NM

Line Handling

Rates for line handling - Cruise Ship:
Ships length Charge per call
Below 100 metres DKK 2,700.00
100-200 metres DKK 3,900.00
Over 200 metres DKK 4,800.00
Line handling
DW / GT Charge per operation Pier shift
0 - 999 DKK 1,040.00 DKK 693.00
1,000 - 1,999 DKK 1,250.00 DKK 833.00
2,000 - 2,999 DKK 1,460.00 DKK 973.00
3,000 - 3,999 DKK 1,670.00 DKK 1,113.00
4,000 - 4,999 DKK 1,880.00 DKK 1,253.00
5,000 - 5,999 DKK 2,090.00 DKK 1,393.00
6,000 - 6,999 DKK 2,300.00 DKK 1,533.00
7,000 - 7,999 DKK 2,510.00 DKK 1,673.00
8,000 - 8,999 DKK 2,720.00 DKK 1,813.00
9,000 - 9,999 DKK 2,930.00 DKK 1,953.00
10,000 - 10,999 DKK 3,141.00 DKK 2,093.00
11,000 - DKK 3,350.00 DKK 2,233.00
  • Line handling at ordinary calls: One man at ordinary calls, and max four men at cruises.
  • The calculation is based on the vessel’s largest DW. If the vessel’s DW is lower than the GT, the GT is used.
  • Line handling is only carried out upon arrival, departure or shifting, the rate is only 2/3.
  • For additional line handling, an extra cost of DKK 395 /EURO 53 / US 65.45 per hour is charged. This rate also applies for waiting time and other work.
  • Between 12 am and 6 am, the cost is DKK 800 / EURO 107.5 / US 132.56 per line handler per hour