Advice the agent of the details and then the agent forward the information to persons involved.

Recommendations and regulations in accordance with the ISPS code (International Ship and Port facility Security)
Port: Hundested, Denmark
Port facility name: Hundested – Trafikhavn
IMO Port facility number: DKHUN-0001

The Piers are ISPS approved. The areas are clearly marked with signs. It should be noted that anyone in the
ISPS area can be asked to identify themselves and be subjected to baggage control. Only authorized persons
with approved ID cards and with business in the port are allowed access to ISPS areas. Work vehicles
are allowed access in the line of duty.

Advance notification of visitor’s arrival shall be given to the port control. Visitors shall be able to identify
themselves with photo-ID. Crew members within an ISPS area shall have vessel-related ID that must be worn
visibly. Authorization must always be worn visibly. As regards crew changes, Seaman’s Book, passport or the
equivalent are accepted on condition that advance notification of the personal details has been given to the
respective authorities.